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Smartek toys

Smartek's next big thing starts in 2022. Our next step is to bring magnetic building blocks to all kids around the world. Don't want to miss our next step? Register to stay tuned.

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In 5 years millions of children all over the world will be playing with Smartek Toys. We want to achieve this with local manufacturing and organic growth.

This mission is defined in our 4 steps strategy.

Two minute introduction into Smartek and our vision for the future. This is a recoding for the Dutch TV show on RTL-Z - How It's Done broadcasted on July 24 - 2021.

Step 1


After hundreds of prototypes we finally in 2018 applied for a worldwide patent. Smartek captures magnetic and mechanical forces together to construct a unique solution to connect two parts with each other.
Smartek RainbowSmartek Kids Success

Step 2

My first Smartek

The first Smartek blocks were launched in 2020 as our learning school for marketing, pricing, product design, distribution, manufacturing and much more...

Step 3

Smartek Toys for Kids

Based on our patented technology we are able to create endless number of blocks and tiles that infinitely attract each other. Some of our early 3D printed prototypes are shown below. This is just the beginning of our journey.

We are preparing for a launch of Smartek toys for kids early 2022 via crowdfunding.

Smartek Toys Fidget in Hand


Smartek Toys Building Tiles


Smartek Toys Numbers


Smartek Toys House


Smartek Toys Building Blocks


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Step 4


In 5 years, by 2027 after our toy line is launched, we want to be recognised as an established toy building block company like LEGO, Knex, Magformers and Geomag.

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Will you join our Smartek revolution?

Interested to invest? Want to stimulate our release via Crowdfunding? Are you an early adopter intrigued to get a front row seat? Register to stay up to date on our next steps.

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